Along the Seward Highway

These are the long waited photos I referred to in a previous blog post when I went out to Girdwood and Portage for the first time. This was the first scenery I saw by the Seward Highway. It was quite amazing to me! These were taken with an HTC Hero, so the quality isn’t great, but it was all I had. I caught some pretty things and have a video too so take a look!

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And The Forcast Calls For Sunshine… And Rain Clouds?

Yes, that’s right I am tapping into the extremely boring subject of weather. Nooo, just kidding… but while I’m here I might as well say that the past few days have been sunny!  And also, as the title says, cloudy.  If you’re not awake in the morning you pretty much miss all the bright sunshine.  Sure, it’s light out till 11:30 or Midnight, but it’s not “sunny”.

Last Thursday I went fishing on the Knik River with Kevin and Craig Farnell.  Originally both from California, Kevin now lives in Texas, while Craig still lives in Cali.  I met them at Walmart haha, but they knew some other people that I did so they weren’t complete strangers. We had a great time; no fish though.  Later, we hiked to Thunderbird Falls in Chugach Park (click to view).  Their aunt was actually with us as well and she had a Canon (actually the same model I was shooting with before) that she let me borrow.  It was nice to be able to get that feeling again.  You photographers know what I’m talking about! When you get into that “mode” that you feel you’re in your own world, everything else disappears except you, the camera and nature…

*Shakes Head* Whoh! Sorry about that, I started day dreaming!

Anyways I know you’re all here to see the pictures anyways so here are some of them!  I took a lot of random pictures this time. Some of scenery, but like I said I got in the mode so I was just taking pictures of everything.

This is looking out from over the ledge.  What ledge you may ask? Well… had I had a camera with less “zoom” I would have been able to capture it, but it is the ledge over the stream. It was a long ways down. And this was an amazing view!


All along the way I took photos on and off the trail. Here are some of those:


Here are some pictures of the trail itself:


There it is! Thunder Falls:


And some shrooms. Alaska has some super poisonous/deadly mushrooms up here. The bright red ones are very dangerous to dogs, we get dogs in all the time that eat things like this. Mostly Labs… go figure.

I did think these were quite pretty though, so I took a couple shots.


And that was really all I’ve got today. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the rest of the day! I’m going to go enjoy the nice weather.  Haven’t slept yet (been up since 12 last night). I’ll probably hit the sack around 4 today. Why waste away the day?

Gone Fishing…

That’s what I’ll be saying in about 5 minutes. Sorry it took so long
to get these up! These are from last Friday when I went fishing on the
Keani River. Hopefully today will be a little bit more successfull as
I didn’t catch anything last week. We’re fishing for Red Salmon so
wish me luck.