Why Alaska?

Because it’s beautiful! Why NOT!?

Anyways, many have been asking me “Why would you go to Alaska?” or “You had to go all the way to Alaska for an internship?!” or “How come you went so far away?”

The questions are endless and I guess some just don’t understand why I would want to go far away from home.  I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to! I love to travel, get out and about and explore the beauties of the world.  Plus, humans need change, without change we just get stuck in our everyday routine and end up like zombies.

But there were a lot of places I could have gone throughout the world, so why did I pick Alaska?

I picked Alaska because I have dreamed about traveling there ever since I was a ‘youngster’ listening to the stories of Alaska from my dad and uncle.  Long before I was around my uncle moved to Fairbanks, Alaska.  One summer my dad went to visit him and came back with many stories to tell.  Some about eating bear or the bear eating them, one of the two.  Some others were about the beautiful scenery and, of course, the awesome people who live up here.  All of these things intrigued me and Alaska became one of my top three places to go on earth, the other two being Hawaii and Australia.

Mountain View4

Well now I have knocked one out of the way and I haven’t regretted a single second of being in Alaska!  It is truly a wonderful and unique place to be in, and I hope to visit it again and maybe even live there if all works out!